Thatcher's Organic Artisan Spirits | Prickly Pear Royale

Prickly Pear Royale Cocktail was created by Posh Little Designs. It's a twist on the classic Kir Royal cocktail and features our prickly pear liqueur.

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Recipe Yield: 2 Servings

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 3 oz Thatcher’s Organic Prickly Pear Liqueur (1.5 oz per flute or coupe) chilled
  • 2 limes – 1 juices and the other cut into wheels
  • Brut or Dry Champagne
  • A dash of chili powder (optional)

Recipe Instructions:


  • Pour 1.5 oz prickly pear liqueur into each glass.
  • Top each glass with .5 oz fresh squeezed lime juice.
  • Then fill each glass with brut or dry champagne, allowing the bubbles in the Champagne to gently mix the cocktail.
  • Garnish with lime wheels and dash of chili to enhance the flavor!
  • Serve immediately.